Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mistress Eden

Your eyes lock with hers, then you're frozen numb in the very same breath.

You can't look away; you've already been enslaved by her charm. What is it that makes a man melt into a thick puddle in her palm?

Is it her devishly slender eyes that dare you to come closer? Or is it her equally sinful red lips?

You are weak for her. Nature has written that role for you.

Now, come here...closer. Watch her lips move as she asks you this...

"What would you do for a mere ounce of my attention?"

"Anything" is what you'd say. You're a book she's read repeatedly for years as a Domme.

On your knees. Now.

Look at you: no different from her other servants who had surrendered themselves for her.

To you slaves, she's born out of your deepest desires.

But above all, she's Mistress Eden

And you're born to entertain her.

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