Thursday, November 10, 2016

Miss LA and My Domme Daughter Cybill

L.A. trip

It feels good to see my domme daughter succeed.

To all slaves who had sessioned with Cybill Troy, you might hear them describe her as a sadist with a queenly strut and a lion’s hunger. A woman who’s passion for kink runs as deep as her soul-piercing gaze.

To me, I can never be more proud of her. I remember the moment when I spread my wings and took her in as my disciple. I showed her the ropes and how to survive in this challenging business. And like a shooting star, she soared.

Now she owns a dungeon in Los Angelas. 

I spent a week with Cybill Troy during my trip there. That’s when I met another dominatrix, Severa, also known as Dictaress Seva. All three of us had been groomed from the same, old era of BDSM. So, at that moment, a sisterhood was soon born. We all decided to come together and shoot a leather domination video for Cybill’s Clips4Sale store.

It’s always good to meet old-school minded mistresses in this new day and age. 

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