Saturday, January 2, 2010

After Party

Hello All,

I would like to bring something to your attention and have this settled once and for all. I have been asked repeatedly, really - over and over again, by my blog fans and readers if the stories on the blogs are true. I have to be honest, this is getting a little tiresome, and in blatant truth - ANNOYING. I have no reason to construct a fiction based blog given how little time I have in the day to begin with. For the sake of a good story, some things might be slightly embellished or strategically worded to make the story read like fiction, because that what good writing entails, but it is definitely NOT fiction. Not one single blog entry is derived from an untruth.

There is so much that happens in the Studio on a daily basis that I couldn't even invent this in mind, hard as I might try. Luckily, I don't have to. There are two slaves regularly at the dungeon who wreak havoc and Domina Nyx and I constantly have to keep them in line. She is a bit more sadistic with Her male slave Felix, and female slave Angel than I am. I am more understanding and patient with Angel because I have a soft spot for Her, but I kick Felix's torn up ass every chance I get! When he takes a nap, he gets woken with a series of stripes on his butt or thighs, or even his locked up cock. Angel gets woken with a kiss. Domina Nyx and I playfully fight over her, because although Domina Nyx is her "official Mistress," I am her protector and responsible for her welfare and I play with her whenever the mood strikes me. So I step in where I have to, and I can - because I am overall, the HEAD Mistress and the BOSS! It's kinda great to be me. Mistress Mona has a slave that comes in to bring Her groceries or tampons and then immediately gets kicked out the door, literally, because he swears that's all he's good for. Rubber Slut and I have some unique stories we create every Wednesday, and a particularly good story line evolved during our personal after-party last week, when in his sleep, I pierced his cock - busting through a hard limit through My hypnotizing seduction.

The party last week was a party to welcome new Independent Renters. Although We still have some renovations in mind, We are are finally at the point where we can open our doors to new Mistresses who are serious about the lifestyle. I had a fabulous time greeting all of the Mistresses and got a really great vibe. The energy was high and positive. Domina Nyx, Mistress Mona and I had Our slaves working the party: serving food, tending to the Mistresses, tending bar, offering general assistance, etc.

The male slaves did such a great job that after the party Domina Nyx and I decided to offer them a little reward. These rubber whores got encased in bodybags, thinking they were going to go to sleep that way. Well, they were. But not until after a round of sadistic physical and mental games. I won't share that here, however, as We were inventive enough to get it all on video. There are some great things that you surely won't want to miss. It will be available on our Clips4sale store: NYC Rubber Studio in the coming weeks. I will blog when it goes up. In the meantime, check out Our other amazing content. Treat yourself this holiday season. Feast your eyes instead of your stomachs!

Head Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined