Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Finally meet My worm

The 90’s were hard for ebony mistresses. 

We were a rare breed in the BDSM scene. But as hard as things got, I had to work even harder to solid myself as Head Mistress of New York.

’97. The year I’ll never forget. One particular
admirer, a gifted illustrator, had sent me an E-mail asking me to visit him in Los Angelas. He’s a talented artist, but I turned him down.

It never stopped him from tributing me with his art work, though. Through emails, he had lavished me with piece after piece of   depictions of me in rubber.

For years, I’ve been his muse; that powerful feminine force that fueled his inspiration for his art works. 

One of the drawings is the one you’ll find on my website.  It’s a piece of me, pulling the strings of a little slave like a puppet; and I have this sadistically sweet smile on my face.

I felt like I was looking into a mirror when I first saw his depiction of me. 

Then comes 2016. Another year I’ll never forget. My particular, artistically gifted, admirer and I finally met for the first time in Los Angelas. It felt…good to finally see the face behind the talent. Seeing him is like meeting an old friend for the first time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yeah new camera

So I’ve got a new video camera.

Yep! That means I can shoot movies in a quality that looks almost as perfect as me. 

All you rubber lovers will get to see the light shining on its smooth, black texture. 

All you smoke addicts will see smoke lingering from the end of my cigarette in ultra high definition; almost as if you’re right here, on your knees, serving as my personal ash tray.

You’d love that, won’t you? I know all of you are eager to binge watch all of my clips on Clips4Sale right about now. 

Patience, slave. Patience.

I know I’ve been depriving you of fresh content for some time, and none of you can even function in your vanilla life without seeing me on your computer screens. So sad.

You want your fix, slave? Your drug—you need it. If only I could see all the puppy eyes of my slaves now. You can’t pay for that type of entertainment.

Oh! Almost forgot to add this extra, juicy bit of detail.
I also bought a microphone attachment. So even the sound of my voice will literally grab you by the ears, pull you out of your chair and right in front of me, on your knees.

One clip is all you need to get hooked. Poor thing.

And for those of you who loves to watch my slaves get a thorough thrashing—my specialty—I’ll have clips that’ll capture the sound of my whip whistling through the air before it snaps on the bruised, red skin of a hairless ape.

The lovely sound of my snapping whip. I cherish it.

I won’t be producing just clips. These will be modern day classics. Welcome to my Fetish Theater.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Miss LA and My Domme Daughter Cybill

L.A. trip

It feels good to see my domme daughter succeed.

To all slaves who had sessioned with Cybill Troy, you might hear them describe her as a sadist with a queenly strut and a lion’s hunger. A woman who’s passion for kink runs as deep as her soul-piercing gaze.

To me, I can never be more proud of her. I remember the moment when I spread my wings and took her in as my disciple. I showed her the ropes and how to survive in this challenging business. And like a shooting star, she soared.

Now she owns a dungeon in Los Angelas. 

I spent a week with Cybill Troy during my trip there. That’s when I met another dominatrix, Severa, also known as Dictaress Seva. All three of us had been groomed from the same, old era of BDSM. So, at that moment, a sisterhood was soon born. We all decided to come together and shoot a leather domination video for Cybill’s Clips4Sale store.

It’s always good to meet old-school minded mistresses in this new day and age. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vinyl Queen NYC Visting

Like a rare crescent moon sighting, she appears at The Parthenon to rule over her submissive with her glowing magnetism. Her time here is brief, and just when she had left her mark on her slave’s soul, she’s gone again. The Vinyl Queen has left the building.

Some sessions are like that: small, short-lived moments that leave an immortal memory that lives on. Few Mistresses can put their submissive in that subspace. Vinyl Queen is one of them.

Recently, I’ve learned that Vinyl Queen was coming back to New York City. She gave me a call and we planned out a date to have lunch together.

Excited? I definitely looked forward to it.

Over lunch, I got to see another side of the Vinyl Queen. I saw a side of her that brought back memories of the things I’ve done in the scene. The encounters, the long trips, the sessions—everything. I had stories that can last generations. 

So did she. 

At the end of it all, we both came to a conclusion: the kink scene has changed. In this ever-morphing world of BDSM, Vinyl Queen and I are some of the last ones left who carry on the old tradition.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Blackula's Photoshoot

It’s been fifteen long years since I’ve been this impressed with a photo session. Blackula changed that.

The Beastress within me has been slumbering for quite some time, and I know that once she wakes up, she cannot be controlled, cannot be contained. 

Ironic. The Beastress in me has been contained—inside the frames of Blackula’s photos. Her eyes look menacing as they are cloaked behind dark, sinister shadows. Her predatory teeth glimmer hungrily. Electric blue light rides the shape of her black corset and rubber skirt.

What you are witnessing is another side of me: a Demoness. A Demoness who uses her sweet smile to lure you into the photo, so you could live inside her cage forever. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The proud rose.

The proud rose.

Its red pedals are soft to the touch just like supple skin.
It stands proudly on its long, slender stem among the field of green grass.
The rose attracts the bees, buzzing for its pollen.
Care to take a whiff of its sweet fragrance?

Be careful.

Even roses have thorns.

A Mistress is like a rose. Drug yourself on her beauty, and relish in the sharp pain from her thorns.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Legacy.

From the paddles and whips encased and hung on my walls, to my closet filled with my favorite tools of destruction, I can say that every corner of my dungeon is truly my home away from home.

This place used to be just an empty space without a purpose. But my love for the art of BDSM has turned this space into my playground. This is where the sadist in me comes out to play.

I've built this place so you can feel my presence as soon as you enter. And after a session with me, my presence will haunt you for weeks--even months after.

My dedication. My Parthenon. My legacy.