Monday, October 11, 2010

New Store: Interrogated & Beat-Down!

Hello all:

I am pleased to announce the launching of My new store: Interrogated and Beaten. Clips will be added on a weekly basis with the option of buying the movie in parts, or the full version. This new store is role-played themed, with creative scenarios enacted by the Mistresses and their victims for the purposes of your entertainment, and of course, theirs! But don't let the role-play fool you, the beat-downs are all REAL. Watch these poor casualties get punched and kicked without mercy until they are ready to confess, or perhaps lose consciousness. How much can they withstand from the likes of Domina Nyx and Goddess Omi? Find out in the first 2 videos released: The Panty Thief & Nosy Bastard.

There is only one way to get to the truth around here: INTERROGATE & BEAT-DOWN.

Mistress Ariana

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Furniture Update

Hello Everyone:

I realize it has been quite a while since my last blog update, but things have been very busy and hectic here at the NYC Rubber Studio. I wanted everyone to be aware of our new furniture update, which sure is some exciting news for those of us who are bondage enthusiasts! For several years we have wanted a multipurpose bondage chair, one built with more than enough eye hooks that would make it quite easy and efficient to tightly bind our poor helpless victims so that we can have our way with them! To add some excitement, this chair could easily double up as a tickle chair. Talk about helpless victims... all bound up and squirming and giggling beneath the gentle fingertips of our Mistresses as they delightfully tease vulnerable flesh without mercy! Well, here is what we came up with:

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Friday, October 8, 2010

Felix the not so luck slave

Hello everyone:

Since I am feeling in a generous mood, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you the details of a wonderful session that I recently had with one of my favorite slaves.

This person contacted me over 10 years ago and at the time he was a complete novice, having never experienced anything related to the BDSM and the fetish world. We actually never had a session due to his financial constraints but I did correspond with him and give him some guidance to help him on his journey.

Before our session this week, he had mentioned to me that I, along with Diana Balance, had always been very nice to him by sending him thoughtful e-mails steering him in the right direction. I actually remember the e-mail exchanges we had way back when. He had always fantasized about being in complete rubber.

Many of you may know whom I am speaking of. He is known as “Felix, the lucky slave.” However, I am not quite so sure he is as lucky as his reputation suggests. That fact that he is a latex fetishist and had never been put in a rubber body-bag seemed very unfair. He has been in the fetish since for quite some time now, and has only received attention from Mistresses who preferred to administer corporal punishment or put him in average bondage predicaments.

So, in my opinion, Felix has not been so lucky when it comes to his intense fetish for latex: body-bags, gags, hoods, complete enclosure, etc. So I decided to change that so that he could live up to his reputation as the lucky slave…. At least once! He doesn’t quite know what he is getting himself into here, but he will learn!

I put Felix on the suspension table after securing him snugly in a latex body-bag, complete with a hood. He was tied to the table and then the table was suspended on garage springs, floating like a hammock. I then decided to double-hood him, just for the hell of it and because the second hood was inflatable and a re-breather and I thought that would be fun. Poor little Felix was in latex Heaven.

Mistress Mona graciously decided to join in on the session. She nibbled on his nipples and drooled Her precious spittle into his mouth while I teased him with my vibrator and a cold pack. Unable to see, and barely able to hear because of the hoods, his body became extra sensitive to our touches, to compensate for his lack of other senses. Mistress Mona actually removed Her panties and placed them right into his re-breather hole. Poor Felix could no longer control himself and exploded all over…. .for which he will, of course, pay for dearly in the near future! ;-)

We have a long road ahead of us and you will all get to witness it and live it vicariously through our upcoming video clips. Welcome to my world, Felix!

Mistress Ariana

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined