Friday, January 30, 2015

Mistress Miranda Mayfair

I love all the Mistresses who have assembled here at Parthenon Studios. Every one of them are true experts in the fine art of Domination and have the lust for control running deep within them. And each Lady brings a deep individual self-expression to their practice. Mistress Miranda Mayfair is no exception.

For over 10 years, New York City has been privileged to have this very 21st century Domina practicing her craft. Menacing, modern, intellectual; at the base of it all, Mistress Miranda Mayfair’s focus is stripping you of the very societal constructs that have ruled your life to this point. She is completely uninterested in the class you inhabit, how much money you generate or your position in the eyes of your peers. All that matters to this Goddess is your desire to serve and your uses in that direction.

Obviously, something was missing from your everyday, humdrum that moved you to search Mistress Miranda Mayfair out. Is it the need for probing and interrogation? A twisted medical fantasy? Visions of sharp implements wielded in the hands of a Woman dressed in a shiny latex butcher apron, Her face masked by a gas mask? Use as servant and helpmeet for everyday tasks? You may have dreamt such perfection existed, but could never bring yourself to make fantasy reality. Just know that once you decide to take that step, eventually you will be made a prop for Her whims and enjoyment. Controlled under the guidance of a strict and caring Domina.

Miranda Mayfair is an artist, using Her submissives as canvas and end product. Whether you find yourself wired to electrodes, dancing to the sound of Her laughter, secured in a body bag with only Her occasional touch to soothe your isolation, literally worshiping the ground She tread on seconds before in supplication and acknowledgement of your eventual abasement, know that She is experimenting with you. Testing the limits of your body and psyche. Seeing if you are worthy of suffering for Her pleasure and taking Her pleasure in your offering of submission where She sees fit.

Never think that you will ever figure out this enigmatic Goddess out; She moves far from the realm of the traditional. However, once you have experienced Her subtle ministrations and sweet, calming voice lulling you into a false sense of security you will find that within the velvet glove there is indeed a steel fist, holding you firmly within Her grip.

The humiliation of it all, is knowing you could never release yourself. And knowing you wouldn’t want to.

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Keeping The World Shiny And Tight And Well Discipline