Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bringing Out The Kinkster

Hello Fetishists,

I had the pleasure of sessioning for the second time with a up and coming kinkster. I believed I spoke of our first experience several blogs ago.

I decided to introduce him to the wonderful world of rubber and leather. After placing him in a rubber catsuit I decide to add another layer which was a rubber straight jacket body-bag, latex hood, latex gag and a latex blindfold. He was then bound to the bondage table with rope, so there would be no possibility of him escaping. I also decide to add a vibrating device to his privates just for teasing. The rubber-whore was so excited that a eruption happened with in a minute of placing the device on him, which of course did not phase me because I enjoy getting the first one out of the way.

After spending 45 minute in a helpless state I then decided to take him out of his tight predicament and introduce him to some knee high stiletto heel and a rubber arm binder. Part of his fantasy was to replicate the you-tube video of rubber-slut struggling in the arm binder. It did not go as well as plan. It was his first experience in heels and unable to struggle without falling down.

I decided to go to plan B. I placed him in my leather European Fetter straight jacket sleep sack, one of my many Fetter hoods and suspended him off six garage springs. I then laid on top of him using him as a human hammock. After I was done relaxing I bought out the Hitachi and that was the end off my new toy. LOL


Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined