Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its a party

Its a party; a tickle party and I (Mistress Ariana
Chevalier) am the guest of honor! Yes; for the
first time ever; see my hidden side. The truth
is; I am a tickle fanatic. Ears, neck, feet
and .........well you will have to see for yourself.

I have always kept my tickle life a secret but now
its time to 'come out'. As close as I will ever
get to being in bondage will be when I submit to
Mistress Alina's tickle torture. Lets see how long
I last.

Keep a lookout!

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Keeping The World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

1 comment:

  1. I LOVED having my hands all over You ... Yummy ... Can't wait to do it again

    Mistress Alina Decor