Thursday, November 12, 2009

When does a Dominant's education end?

Lately I have been taking various BDSM classes. It started when I wanted to perfect my single tail skills and improve my use of an extremely long bullwhip. I must admit I did not really need help in the single-tail department because I have always been very accurate. My goal is to be able to throw 2 whips at the same time, I love how very sexy and theatrical it looks. Although my left arm still hasn't built up as much strength as I would like, I am still taking private classes from my dear friend Axious whom comes to my studio once a week for an hour or two. (Watch out masochists, I have plans for your back and ass!)

Then, the other day I took a piercing class. Not that I haven't pierced flesh before but I admire Mme Sade skills at piercing and really like her style and wanted to see both her prep and how she planned her wonderful designs. Mistress Alina and I both attended this private class together, and I must admit I learned a thing or two.

Additionally a few days ago I attended a bondage class at Salon Orleans. The class was taught by Mark of Although my skills at bondage are pretty good I felt that one can never know to much. I did learn a few new tricks, which I plan on using this week.

So basically what I am trying to say is every teacher brings something different to the table. Yes I may know the fundamentals. But listening to, and observing others always seems to add to my abilities, develop them further, and inspire me with new ideas to make them more wonderful than they are.

Not sure about other Dominants out there but this One will never stop learning. As long as I can breathe and make it to a BDSM class I will continue to seek more knowledge.

Just thought I would share.

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Mistress Ariana

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