Thursday, June 23, 2011

"This time my little pet, I've devised a fiendish little trap for you!", my Mistress cooed seductively. I've been Mistress Ariana's slave for a little over a year and I adore Her. She makes life so beautifully simple for me. It is as She says, "Good things happen to slaves who are good and bad things happen to slaves who are bad." I've been good lately. my attention to detail and thoroughness in my chores had been noted by Mistress so I'm getting a treat today, of course all of Mistress's treats are for Her amusement more than mine, but I do so love to make Her happy.

"You've done so well in learning to control your orgasms, but today I'm going to put you to a much sterner test." She ordered me to her heels and then commanded me to put up my hands. I knew that meant I was to be shackled and my heart began to race at the approaching helplessness. She attached cuffs to my wrists and then quickly to my ankles. I was ordered to crawl behind Her down the hall to the play room. Once inside I saw that the bondage frame had been moved to the center of the room. It was a simple square made of pipes but Mistress Ariana has used it to twist me into unimaginable shapes, she has quite the imagination. Very quickly I was on my back my arms locked securely behind me, she took my legs and pulled them apart swiftly cuffing them to the side rails. She placed a thick pillow under my head, "Comfy?" she laughed. "Yes Mistress." I responded automatically but happily. I love serving Her and even when She has pushed me so far that I've broken down and cried its been beautiful.

Resting Her arms on the pipes She leaned in to survey my naked helpless body. She smiled down at me and said, "So, you have earned an orgasm, pet. But I'm not so sure you'll want to have fact I bet You fight like hell to keep it from happening!" She snickered and left for a moment to gather Her toys and tools leaving me starring up at the ceiling. Soon She was back and I could hear Her organizing Her equipment. Her lovely curves soon reappeared in my field of vision as She took my left leg and unshackled it from the side rail. She attached a thick tense metal spring to the cuff and then secured a short bungee cord to that. She then took the hook and attached it to the lower bar just next to my hand. This pulled my left knee to within inches of my ear and it dawned on me just what She had in mind. Rapidly my right knee was pulled to the equal position and now of course my ass was up in the air and I was staring directly at my cock. "I can see by the look in your eyes that you've grasped my plans pet, so now it's me vs you. An orgasm means a massive facial of your own cum, I'm going to build you to a huge cum shot and then you're going to unload all over your own face!"

With Mistress's laughter still ringing in my ears I sized up the situation. Mistress has been training me for a long time to only cum when commanded. I've been able to develop quite a bit of control and my last caning for cumming to soon was several months ago. I actually felt pretty confident that I could hold out...okay Mistress game on, I smiled to myself. The snap of rubber gloves told me what Round 1 would be all about. Sure enough I felt lube poured over my hoisted asshole and quickly Mistress's eager fingers began to thrust and twist in my slut hole. I haven't done much anal training with Mistress yet though I know it's on Her menu. Mistress has a large collection of massive dildos and does enjoy turning Her pets into cock sluts. Mistress's fingers were replaced by something round and long, She pushed it into my ass but not too deep, I was a bit confused, it wasn't a confusion was cleared as it began to vibrate and She rolled it over so that it was now pressed firmly against my prostate. Immediately my cock began to twitch as I felt that I was going to pee or cum or both. She began to move it achingly slowly back and forth along my gland, my hips began to buck and I struggled to control myself and my swelling cock. After only a few minutes of this torment a dangerous dribble of pre cum began to ooze out of the head of my cock, "You're not going to lose my game so quickly are you pet?" No, noo, Do-m-in-a" I stammered fighting to control my breathing. It wasn't easy but I did manage to control myself and my cock slowly softened just enough, backing me away from the edge.

Of course my wicked Owner was just getting started and when She realized that I had survived my first ordeal She simply pushed Her plans into the next gear. The prostate massager was removed and replaced with a small butt plug. Mistress then turned Her attention to to my cock and when I spied the electro-gel I knew where I was headed. She poured excessive amounts of it on to my head and shaft. I was a bit surprised at Her choice as electricity had been Her primary training tool for giving me the very control that She was now trying to break. I recalled many lovely evenings with my electrified cock pulsing with increasing pace as I orally worshiped my Mistress to orgasm after orgasm. Mistress deftly massaged my cock to a rock hard state as She leaned down and whispered in my ear, "I know what you're thinking pet, I always, always know what you're thinking", She purred seductively. "But You've never felt what you are about to feel and I will be stunned if You don't quickly shoot hot cum all over your face." She ceased Her wonderful manipulation of my cock leaving me stiff and throbbing. The familiar blue band of the Eros Tek was soon around the very base of my shaft...then another one about half up....then a double contact cock crown caged my head. Mistress was right She had never wired me up this much! "Two different electrics pet, two different frequencies!" The 1st unit hummed to life sending pulsing current throbbing up and down my shaft, my cock throbbed in obedience to the juice. Next the electro crown pumped to life sending a sharp spreading tingle all over the head of my cock. I have been conditioned to love electricity and with so much of it overwhelming my nerves I began to wonder how long I could last. "I've programmed both of them to increase in strength every 3 min pet." "Meanwhile, Lick!" She shoved one of Her lovely riding boots in my face. My tongue eagerly tasted the delicious leather. The electricity climbed and climbed over the next 1/2 hour or so. My cock was purple and swollen, I struggled to hold on, slowing my breathing, I was losing ground but very slowly. "Surprise time!" Mistress Ariana exclaimed, the butt plug hummed to life with its own cascade of current the electricity causing my anus to expand and contract, I was now fucking myself!

It was too much, I knew it; still I tried to control my dribbling cock. "Oh dear pet, I can have you any time I want you now, can't I" "Yes Mistress" I blurted out. "Just one more sensation, any sensation and you will explode." "But now it's time for me to reveal my true intentions." Suddenly the electrics reduced greatly. Not stopping, but pulling me back from the edge and allowing me to rest. Then my amazing Owner, my absolute Queen, attached not one, but two vibrating cock rings to my cock. But that wasn't all, She leaned down to my face and ordered me to open my mouth. Deftly She inserted a dental retractor locking my mouth wide open. She then tied a single piece of rubber rubbing just below the head of my cock and attached it to another piece which She had tied across the top of the bondage frame. This elevated my cock just slightly and aimed it dead center into my now gaping mouth. I was about to shoot every drop of cum in balls down my own throat. Mistress smiled and turned every toy in me and on me up to full blast! In only a few seconds a massive orgasm began to grip my body, I shuddered and twitched, my thighs rocked helplessly, my toes stretched and pointed to the sky as my orgasm pushed, strained, and powered its way out of my raging purple swollen cock. Like a flash of lightning the first geyser of cum was ripped from my cock, splashing deep against the back of my throat and mouth. Then another jet, then another and another, I came for what felt like forever filling my mouth and feeling my hot cum slide down the back of my throat. I was sweaty and exhausted and overwhelmed by the shattering experience that my beloved Mistress had engineered for me.
After it was all over Mistress was so nice, She untied me and let me curl around Her boots as She watched T.V. I drifted off to sleep at Her feet, and of course I dream of Her.

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