Thursday, May 12, 2016

Goddess Hera Chevalier

An all natural Mistress; a young tigress who's born to take her throne.
It's my daughter's destiny since birth.
I've always known this, and because of the royal blood I share with my daughter, she knew this as well.
The life of a Domina was a path paved for her, even though I tried to steer her on another path.
However, once I eventually allowed her to break free, her dripping thirst for control came bursting forth to take this city as her own.
To all of her hopeful clients who don't know who my daughter is, one look into her eye will tell you the difference between She and other Mistresses.
My daughter has grown up under the roof of my dungeon, breathing in the aura of dominance from every Mistress who has boldly stepped through my quarters.
Every Mistress there wields their whip of control with their own unique poise, and my daughter has learned form all of them, taking their lessons and mixing them into her own unique flavor of Domina: Mistress Hera, the home-brewed princess and heir to the Chevalier name.
Does that make you afraid or excited?

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