Thursday, September 22, 2016

Don't ever interrupt me.

So, my slave is going to be playing his guitar for the Goddesses of Parthenon party tomorrow. A while ago, he decided to rehearse his performances right in front of me while I barely got work done. Ugh. Why tonight of all nights?

Then I had an idea.

While he was still obnoxiously strumming away, I rose out of my seat and sauntered my way towards him. He looked up from his guitar. My sweet smile made him shiver down to his very bones. I loved the way his eyes glowed in fright when he looked at me. But it was too late. My claws shot for his chest and clamped his nipples, hard.

 He instantly became my own little instrument that squeals like a pig. See? I can play music just fine.

Next time, don't mess with me when I'm busy.

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