Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mistress Marilyn

Mistress Marilyn is officially a breath of fresh air to all of our clip stores. Although she is in her early 20's she puts a lot of enthusiasm into everything she does, this young Mistress is a sponge, absorbing everything in sight. Mistress Marilyn is going to be a household name in the BDSM scene. She definitely lives up to her name, blond, busty and curvy. Her voice is soft yet strict, and can be very demanding. For the fetishist this young Domina comes with an amazing latex and leather wardrobe. Her shoe and boot collection is growing daily. So Marilyn this is an official welcome from the NYC RUBBER STUDIO Clip4slale store, Muahhh!!!

PS. Mistress Marilyn is not available for sessions, please do not attempt to contact her through us.

Ariana Chevalier
Keeping The World Shiny And Tight

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