Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smoking Fetishist

Hello Fellow Fetishists,

Since starting my video productions I realized that I have a huge fetish in administering forced smoking to my victims that do not smoke. Now I have done my share of smoking session but I realized that I really enjoy watching my non smoking subjects taking in my second hand smoke, I find it so erotic. Time after time upon administering my seductive yet intoxicating smoking kisses I find myself watching them let the smoke linger in there mouth, tongue pressed against there throat thinking this will prevent the smoke from traveling to their lungs. LOL. Stupid boys, I am always one step ahead of you. I make sure that I take several drags of my cigarette so there is abundant smoke available. You must eventually take a breath of fresh air and when you do my smoke will be waiting. Those lungs do not stand a chance against Me and My smoky kisses.

Ariana Chevalier
Always Keeping The World Shiny And Tight

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