Sunday, March 27, 2011

No good Slave

So several month ago a good for nothing slave contacted me for a house boy position. At the time I did not know that he was a free loader.
To get into my good graces on his first visit he bought lunch for everyone at the studio which I thought was a good gesture and raised my hopes.
The following week I allowed him to clean. After the 3rd week he said it was really hot and asked if he could work in the nude because after leaving the studio he would be returning to his 9 to 5 job. Which I allowed because he perspired a lot. By his sixth visit he had asked some of the ladies to tie his balls and add nipple clamps to him. On some occasion I did so myself as a reward for good service.

One day he asked to know what kind of things I enjoyed. So I told him that I desired things such as fresh flowers for the studio and high quality candles. Which they were not purchased, I still kept him on because he did clean very well. I dismissed him as a cleaning slave because I was having an off day and he noticed and ask me what was wrong and told him. I said don't wish to play with anyone and do not wish to see any male genitals today. He nodded yes and went into the bathroom to clean. I then entered the bath to get a towel. There he was naked, despite my wishes! But what really pissed me off was he had the nerve to ask me to tie up his genitals. He was then asked to leave and told the studio no longer needed a cleaning slave. Several days ago he called me, said he was in the neighborhood. He bought me cigarettes and the sushi that I like. I actually thought that was sweet so I let him in. We talked for a bit. I said to him that I had to catch up on some work and he ask me if I could tie up his genitals. WTF! Does this clown think I work for cigarettes and food. Don't theses fool know that there is a price for pain!

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Keeping The World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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