Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rubbersluts adventures the conclusion

So rubberslut has returned from serving Mistress Jean Bardot in Minneapolis. What follows is a detailing of his days:

Day one: Upon arrival he is put to work at the infamous Mistress Jean Bardot's studio. He mounted a table in the laundry room for Her. Then She created a shopping list for Home Depot. After returning from Home Depot he noticed there were two laundry basket of rubber. He promptly washed all of the items and put them away properly.

Day Two: Started the day in the best way, hearing Mistress Ariana's voice. Mistress Ariana called him from NY at 6:30 AM making sure he got up on time and started his laundry list of things to do. Before noon rubberslut installed two ceiling fans and cleaned all the rooms and organized and cataloged everything. Mistress Jean Bardot arrived daily at Noon and he knew he must have his chores done before She arrived or his punishment would be swift and severe. Rubberslut would make sure her coffee was made to Her liking and would prepare Her lunch. After all of Her needs were met he would then continue his work. He installed more lights and he started making boxes for Her vast collection of hoods. While Mistress Jean sessioned rubberslut worked on projects that could be done quietly. After her client left Mistress Jean still had a abundance of energy and decided rubberslut would be her next victim. She ordered him into his catsuit. He was placed in a Marquis body bag with built in hood and added a second layer Demask body bag. A corset collar was added, an inflatable body bag. Rubberslut was abandoned for hours while Mistress Jean caught up with paper work and emails.

Day Three: Started the day with Mistress Ariana's wake up call. Rubberslut was given instruction on what projects had to be completed that day. He washed all items that were used the day before. He again began working on the hood boxes. At 11:50 AM made Mistress Jean Her coffee and prepared Her lunch. He wanted everything to be ready for her when She arrived. She arrived at 12:05. When Mistress Jean was in session rubberslut went outside and chopped the ice in the driveway and the walk way. He did not want Her to fall. He needed to keep himself busy and focused on service while She was in session. He also noticed that the garage needed sweeping. He then fixed the hot water heater. That evening he cooked for Her. He made Her roast beef and baked potatoes.

Day Four: Awakened by Mistress Ariana's wake up call. Began working on completing the hood boxes. Made Mistress Jean her coffee and lunch. Installed door stops, washed all the studio towels. Ordered glass for a cabinet he built for Mistress Jean prior to him going to Minneapolis. Painted doors in the studio. He stayed up late working on various projects at the studio.

Day Five: Woke up at 5 AM before Mistress Ariana's wake up call. Needed to paint all the hood boxes. Loaded the dishwasher made sure the studio was clean before Mistress Jean arrived. Prepared her coffee and lunch. Mistress Jean told him to put on his metallic blue catsuit. She wanted to do a video and photos with rubberslut. He was like a kid in a candy store. Rubberslut also wore a black Poly Morph waist cincher, rubber thigh boots, Rubber finest female hood. He was the lead to her medical room, placed on the exam table. A pair of white single arm binder gloves were added and he was tied to the table. Three layers of hood was added. After the shoot Mistress Jean wanted to take rubberslut to a private party but he declined due to that fact he was leaving the following day and had not completed his list.

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Keeping The World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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