Monday, May 16, 2011

The Challenger

As many of you know I have a habit of naming My suspension machines. Most of you are already familiar with the Marionette, then came the newer Lattice.
I am now proud to present The Challenger. I know, I know it's a strange name for a suspension device. But I believe there isn't a fancy the challenger can not conquer.
Its the only one of its kind and probably the most unique and elaborate contraption you will see...until someone steals the idea.
Well what make The Challenger special? Here's the list:
Two trolleys with electrical winches

Two movable St. Andrews crosses
Five points suspension, on an a electrical winch

Dimmer light built into the unit
Electrical built into the unit

I still can't believe My client who is a mechanical engineer/welder built it for me. It is truly the best thing I own in the studio.
Those of you who buy my clips will get to see Me and My Mistress Friends conquer The Challenger as it manipulates and controls some fresh slave flesh.

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Keeping The World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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