Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vinyl Queen NYC Visting

Like a rare crescent moon sighting, she appears at The Parthenon to rule over her submissive with her glowing magnetism. Her time here is brief, and just when she had left her mark on her slave’s soul, she’s gone again. The Vinyl Queen has left the building.

Some sessions are like that: small, short-lived moments that leave an immortal memory that lives on. Few Mistresses can put their submissive in that subspace. Vinyl Queen is one of them.

Recently, I’ve learned that Vinyl Queen was coming back to New York City. She gave me a call and we planned out a date to have lunch together.

Excited? I definitely looked forward to it.

Over lunch, I got to see another side of the Vinyl Queen. I saw a side of her that brought back memories of the things I’ve done in the scene. The encounters, the long trips, the sessions—everything. I had stories that can last generations. 

So did she. 

At the end of it all, we both came to a conclusion: the kink scene has changed. In this ever-morphing world of BDSM, Vinyl Queen and I are some of the last ones left who carry on the old tradition.

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