Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yeah new camera

So I’ve got a new video camera.

Yep! That means I can shoot movies in a quality that looks almost as perfect as me. 

All you rubber lovers will get to see the light shining on its smooth, black texture. 

All you smoke addicts will see smoke lingering from the end of my cigarette in ultra high definition; almost as if you’re right here, on your knees, serving as my personal ash tray.

You’d love that, won’t you? I know all of you are eager to binge watch all of my clips on Clips4Sale right about now. 

Patience, slave. Patience.

I know I’ve been depriving you of fresh content for some time, and none of you can even function in your vanilla life without seeing me on your computer screens. So sad.

You want your fix, slave? Your drug—you need it. If only I could see all the puppy eyes of my slaves now. You can’t pay for that type of entertainment.

Oh! Almost forgot to add this extra, juicy bit of detail.
I also bought a microphone attachment. So even the sound of my voice will literally grab you by the ears, pull you out of your chair and right in front of me, on your knees.

One clip is all you need to get hooked. Poor thing.

And for those of you who loves to watch my slaves get a thorough thrashing—my specialty—I’ll have clips that’ll capture the sound of my whip whistling through the air before it snaps on the bruised, red skin of a hairless ape.

The lovely sound of my snapping whip. I cherish it.

I won’t be producing just clips. These will be modern day classics. Welcome to my Fetish Theater.

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