Monday, April 12, 2010

slave x

Hello Fellow Rubberist

I did an interest session the other day with a slave/rubber/crossdresser/ fetishist. I will call him slave x. I've been seeing this individual for over 1 1/2 years. He's and older Gentlemen, I choose to allow him into my stable because of his passion for rubber, although he did not have much prior experience in that department.

In our first session I realize that in his previous sessions the Mistress that he had served for a very long time did not have any creativity. Here you have an individual who loves latex and is a fetishist and instead of her building on that she has him perform oral sex on her. When he came to me he thought this was a common thing and that was what every Mistress wanted from their slaves. Of course being who I am I set him straight and gave him a proper session and an introduction to the wonderful world of rubber.

As time went on I realized that he had dominant tendencies which made him have a need to attempt to control the sessions. I did not give up on him though. When I placed him in rubber all I could see was the passion he has for rubber and I could appreciate it being a rubberist myself.

On my blog I have placed some poetry that slave x has written. He enjoys writing and sending me multiple poems weekly. He then emails me wanting to know what I thought and did I enjoy them.

In January I celebrated my birthday. Slave x wanted to spend it with me so I granted him a session. The session did not go as I would have liked. To be honest he ruined my birthday. I found him a bit rude and disrespectful.

I understand the difference between a submissive, masochist and a fetishist. Yes he is a fetishist, but there is no reason for rudeness. When asked a question his answer would be yeah, yeah, yeah! The constant talking over me, interrupting constantly, and extremely rude behavior showed no respect. You may ask what bought on his shitty mood. He wrote me a poem several weeks prior that mentioned another Mistress' name, comparing the two of us. I did not like it, so instead of lying I told him the truth. If someone can not handle negative criticism they should not ask.

40 minutes into the session I had to walk out before I treated him like a masochist, I do not have the patience for any form off disrespect. I had to end the session because it was leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I was completely disgusted with him and wanted nothing more to do with this individual.

Later on that day he sent me several emails apologizing for his behavior. The emails continued. At first I was going to cut him off all together but I understand that we all sometimes have bad days. I was willing to give him one more chance to prove to me that he belongs in my circle.

So here we are several months later. I needed to educate him on proper dungeon which lasted half of our session. Soon after we began to do our rubber play. After we were done we began talking, I can't recall what the topic was. I guess he was in disagreement and said do you want me to come back. As if he was a treat, and if I did not say what he wanted to hear he was not coming back.

Now, this is for you slave x. I am not a young girl playing Dom for the day. You may have just put your foot in your mouth one too many times. I am wondering if there is any hope for you. Open your eyes! Learn some respect! Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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