Friday, April 30, 2010

Corporal Video day

Today was another busy day at the NYC Rubber Studio. The entire day was dedicated to securing some much needed corporal punishment footage for the Discipline Academy. One of my poor pathetic slave’s had a surprising encounter with my cane after having his exposed genitals tied and tortured. The cane tore into this flesh, leaving it broken and raw. But that’s not enough to satiate My sadistic appetites, so of course I found some other instruments of torture waiting longingly to be used on some poor unsuspecting victim. If that’s not enough (and of course it’s not) I called Mistress Marilyn into the session where She proceeded to add some weight to those balls. Disgusting male appendage. It needed to be punished and the slave had no choice but to submit to Our demands and so his cock got a taste of the cane as well. Not to give away the entire video, but trampling, ball kicking and face slapping can be found in this shoot. What a day, what a day!

Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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