Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Canvas does stay fresh forever Part 2

His back was pretty much shredded and I needed find some new real estate on his body. I decided his ass was going to be my fresh new canvas. My next assault weapon would be the cane. No warm up, I began giving him my best shots. The beating revved up as the screams and moans got louder. My energy level elevated, my excitement grew, I was getting a high feeling, I was having so much fun.

The canvas does not stay fresh forever. As the assault continued the canvas need a break. I turn the canvas so it was facing me. Unmarked and fresh was the front of him, so much to do and never enough time. I examined the slave and felt he need a little rest before we would start again.

Had him kneel. Removed the hood and offer the slave water. In the meantime I decide to have my lunch, after all I did do all the work, I am the artist creating a unique art work.

I did not finish all of my lunch and decided to offer the left overs to the slave. My bladder was also a bit full. So I decided that my urine would be a wonderful dressing to the salad. I placed the food bowl on the floor. Before I allowed him to eat it, I shackled his hands behind his back. I did not want him using utensils or his hands to eat. I wanted him to eat his meal like a dog, taking the food with just his mouth, after he had eaten everything he was also ordered to lick the bowl clean.

After adding nutrient to the slave and having allowed him to rest for a 1/2 hour. I then decided to continue what I started earlier. Slave was scheduled to be here for the day and I still had some time left.

Looking down at him his cock and balls screamed out for some attention. I gathered some clothespins, twine, needles, Wartenberg wheel, vampire gloves, and the rest was history.

After I was done I handed the slave his empty wallet and dismissed him. What a day what a day.

Ariana Chevalier
Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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