Sunday, May 30, 2010

Role-play kidnapping scene

Hello. Fellow Rubberist

I wanted to share a wonderful session I had the other day with a client I will refer to from here on in, as Ed. I haven't seen Ed in a little over a year, so I was surprised when he e-mailed me a kidnapping scenario that he wanted us to role-play in My studio. Normally, I don't make it a habit of following scripts - but creative and dominant genius that I am, I will latch on to a few key points and tailor My own session while still giving the client the impression he has some influence over what is going to happen. Clever, I know. Well, no one has complained thus far and if they dare to - they know where the door is. And I know where My boot clad foot will be, up their ass on the way out!

Slave Ed was itching for a boot up the ass as soon as he arrived. He had the audacity to enter MY studio with this cocky attitude like he owned the joint. I, Mistress Ariana, Proprietress of NYC's infamous Rubber Studio will have none of this attitude from any of My slaves. But I was feeling in one of My sadistic moods, so rather than boot his ass to the curb - I decided to rectify the situation by making him fork over his cold hard cash in exchange for My torturous and humiliating punishments.

First things first of course, I made slave Ed strip and made no real effort to conceal My disappointment as he revealed his less than endowed body. I would have been more amused with his cocky attitude had he at least had the goods to back it up. No such luck. I uttered a few grunts and sighs at his appearance while pushing him to his knees and thoroughly inspecting him. This soon became boring and I needed some way to entertain myself. What better way than to force this pig into My metal chastity device.

I handed it to him and demanded that he put it on. "NO," says slave Ed. No? I shook My head and tried to shake the word out of my ear. No? He didn't repeat the word but he didn't recant it either. He must not have gotten the memo. So for all those who might have missed it like slave fool, er, I mean Ed, let's get this straight: The word NO does not exist in the vocabulary of My slaves. It only comes out of My mouth under certain circumstances, for instance - when you are losing circulation because I tied your balls so tight and you beg for mercy. I proceed to say - wait for it - NO. Needless to say, Ed needed to be punished. Some cruel and extreme cock and ball torture seemed to be exactly what was needed.

Using his hair as support, I dragged slave Ed into my metal chamber where I immediately shackled his arms onto a metal rod and hoisted him up with My suspension machine. Now for the fun stuff. Once he was securely in position, I proceeded to tie his balls down to the bolts on My floor making sure there was no chance for escape without him ripping off his own appendages, which I wouldn't exactly have been sorry to see. But responsible Mistress that I am, and not wanting the mess of torn off balls in My studio, I simply decided I'd torture Ed in a slightly more humane way. So I began to attach massive amounts of ball weights to his balls which ended up practically dragging him to the floor. Naturally he began to grovel and plead for mercy. Can you guess what I did?

Cudos for you if you guessed right. I laughed and said, in My most nonchalant and apathetic tone…

wait for it…


Yes, "No." I must say I enjoy the word immensely when it's coming out of My own mouth. I let Ed suffer a little while longer before releasing him from his agony and dragging him into my Rubber Room where I encased him in a catsuit, straight jacket, bodybag, hood, blindfold and gag. But just to be sure, I added a heavy rubber strap around his body to cocoon him. No future movement was possible, which I found hilarious as I soon hooked slave Ed up to my electrical unit and administered a series of electric shocks that he was helpless against. But the ultimate shock was when I forced him to guzzle down my golden juice. Merciful as I am (and because I was growing bored. Had to move on to bigger and better things) - I decided to reward slave Ed with the Venus, knowing that would be the end of him. I'm pretty sure I zapped the word "No" from his vocabulary. As I always say, "What a day, what a day!"

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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