Friday, June 18, 2010

slave ted

slave Ted's lack of self-control has once more landed him in deep trouble. In addition to disobedience and unauthorized masturbation, he's been caught trying yet again

- he was caught seduce one of his Mistress's slave girls. So he's been sent back to Mistress Ariana for discipline and retraining

- he must be reminded what it means to be a slave.What slave ted does not know is that this time his sentence is indefinite

- he'll be kept in Mistress Ariana's dungeon until all his old compulsions have been eliminated, however long that takes. And as punishment he'll be kept permanently aroused but denied release - for weeks or even months

- as a ceaseless reminder of the bad behavior that brought him to this point.Mistress Ariana is a commanding presence, immaculate in latex and thigh-high boots. She quickly dresses the slave from head to foot in latex; she hoods, gags, collars and cuffs him, and tightly restrains his cock and balls. Now reduced to an anonymous fetish object, Mistress Ariana puts him on a leash and leads him through the various rooms of the dungeon to show him the torments that await him over the coming months...

Other Mistresses such as Goddess Omi and Lady Audra stop by to take a look at the new slave, taking merciless delight in teasing him, adding further to his state of helpless arousal...

Mistress Ariana chains the slave to the dungeon wall and forces him to describe in detail his many transgressions, any hesitation inviting the
attention of her crop, or of the small electrical device now strapped to his cock...And when this is over she then straps the slave down on his back and places the feared Venu 2000 on his cock. She explains that her purpose is not to milk him, but to use the machine, on its
lowest setting, to keep him aroused but unable to gain release. He is to spend the entire night
- probably the first of many
- in this condition, unable to come and unable to escape the endless caresses of the machine...

Mistress Ariana looks at him. "After a few weeks of this you may go crazy, but you'll definitely remember what discipline means for a slave. Do you understand?"

He can only nod silently.

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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