Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Watch out Rubber Fetishist, We have our eyes on you!

Hello All,

Interesting things are happening at the Studio, as always... that's the nature of My life as the Proprietress of a fully-equipped BDSM dungeon, constantly being busy with new and fascinating endeavors. Sometimes it's just great to be Me! Many of you may have noticed on the NYC Studio website that I have made a linked page to list the Independent Dommes who work out of My Studio. Well, today I have taken some absolutely astounding photographs of a dear Domme friend of mine who wishes to add to Her mystique by remaining anonymous. She goes by the name of RubberDomme. Why RubberDomme? Glad you asked. Of course it's because Her rubber wardrobe is absolutely to die-for. One look will have the rubber slave on his knees not knowing what to do with himself as She cowers over him head to toe in the lubed up material that makes Her shine like a Goddess. Her passion for rubber is unmatched in this Studio (with the exception of Me of course, the ultimate Rubber Queen - but RubberDomme is well on Her way to giving Me some competition!) I can only imagine the limitless possibilities as We work together. Between the two of Us, We could fill a fetish shop easily with Our wardrobes. Care to get a firsthand experience of what I mean.... you better beware. Watch out Rubber Fetishist, We have our eyes on you!

Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

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